sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2007

3.5 Team Tsubasa vs Venceremos 0.5

extraordinary! victory of the Team Tsubasa in league OCL! all the players showed to a great level and much energy and forces to overcome these so powerful rivals
our first victory by equipment after of so many months to suffer defeats.
There are happiness and great celebrations!
when finalizing match the captain ReyFeroz told to the God of the life. and him blesses to the Team Tsubasa and it purifies our souls..... there are love and peace between all the members feels with the Jesus blessing!
now which the equipment was blessed by Jesus we will look for to gain league OCL!!!!

ReyFeroz 1-0 DarthDaver
Nham 1/2 Amav
Rakete 1-0 Bobhill
ValiantA 1-0 Bbbad

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