lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2007

1.5 Team Tsubasa vs RockRule 2.5

5 Defeat of Team Tsubasa in league 45 45 we fought with all our forces but the rival played better.
Team is calm because good games gambled and we learned much chess.
also the tie in league OCL help to ours spirit and this defeat volume with calm.
we have many hopes to win in the 6 round we are going to put the best equipment and much force and will...
this 5 defeat but long ago strong us and with desire to prevail in the chess the Team Tsubasa has iron heart and soul of poet with spirit of honor and dignity and mind of soldiers! to gain the 6 it makes the rounds!
Wester 1-0 Psykassso
pickles 0-1 Nohz
Rakete 1/2 OsaridSaris
Petlya 0-1 Eshin

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