domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2007

2 Rainbow Warriors vs Team Tsubasa 2

the equipment tsubasa participates in a new league we have a new Nham member from Portugal expert to player play in chess club.
and he work in bar irish there he played lot tournaments and is champion of the Coffe Irish 2006.
to after of much suffering and a strong training in 45 league 45 the Team Tsubasa manages to tie match. is great HAPPY ! between the members and partys that were different celebrations in countrys and long nights of beer and alcohol
1 million messages arrived at my email were of congratulation by this great result
the honour and the dignity were saved
is moment for demonstrating that we are the best ones and for gaining the next matches!
Force Team Tsubasa!!
ReyFeroz 0-1 Ivohristov
Nham 0-1 Palokalla
Rakete 1-0 Sangalla
ValiantA 1-0 Wilkbardzozly

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