miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2007

3.5 RainbowWarriors vs Team Tsubasa 0.5

another defeat but receives team Tsubasa were 6 defeats and the equipment could not obtain a good result, but everything this finished in great friendship between all the members and we put all our forces we fought with great anger and honour....
am very contented with this equipment we continued in the end in spite of the defeats and we learned great lessons of the life is our end in league 45 45 with tears in the eyes them thanks to all and them desire Merry Christmas thanks boys we did not win to the chess but if we won in the life we are champions!!!!
Pallokala 1-0 ReyFeroz
Herach 1-0 Wester
Sangalla 1-0 Picklesncream
Relu 1/2 ValiantAngel

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