domingo, 11 de mayo de 2008

2 Team Tsubasa vs Venceremos 2

in the 6 round the Team Tsubasa draw 2 to 2 with Venceremos
was 4 games of great battle. The equipment in spite of not being able to gain the continuous match fighting.
we had anger and valiant spirit in this interesting match.
we are with few energy but never we surrendered we are weaks and tired but the love to the equipment and the great friendship it unites to us and it takes us to best of the kingdoms of Saint Spirit Amen !

MasterxiangQi 1-0 AsimPereira
ReyFeroz 0-1 Amav
NikolaAntonov 1-0 Bobhill
Petlya 0-1 Avidmate

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