domingo, 11 de mayo de 2008

1.5 TeamTsubasa vs Über-UnderDogs 2.5

It completes Defeat of the Equipment, that moves away of the first
The 5 place was a good result of 2 victories.2 ties and 3 defeats we played a very serious and full chess of talent and was the one of our better results equipment this happy one and contented we enjoyed league OCL and we wished one revenge to future.
we know that we have equipment for much more, and day to day we are going to train us to be the best players of chess!!!!! Viva Heroes ! the Team Tsubasa on the Chess!
ReyFeroz 1/2 Tseltzer
Masterxiangqi 1-0 abkbyfktrc
Rakete 0-1 Brigadoon
Petlya 0-1 Dism

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