domingo, 7 de octubre de 2007


Hello this of page of team Tsubasa
we are group of chess players play in league 45 45 FICS
in this page we analise our games and suggest new strategy for win of league !!!!!!!
the members of Team Tsubasa :
1.ReyFeroz from Argentina 28 years he would like to play in chess club and in internet and square,coffe he have much enthusiasm for play.
2.Wester from 26 years he play for internet and too in nacional tournaments, he is fans of football ,he want be champion in his country.
3.PicklesnCream from USA he is new in team and he would like to improver with chess..
he have good future and enthusiasm for play 1 game in league.
4.Rakete From Germany very study player , he like playing in league german and too in internet.
5.ValiantAngel from Singapore religious player play for bless a god ,and he alway recivied help of god, this player have the better spirit..
6.Petlya from india expert in Yoga and control of emosions he can much fight in the games.

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Rainbow Warriors dijo...

Hey Rey

Congratulations with your new Blog !!
A valuable contribution to the virtual chess community.
Wish you guys all the best in TL

3AO7 dijo...

Great work with this page, Rey, keep it up:)